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The restaurant biz has been in our blood.  We can remember the good old days when we got to hang out with our family at our Grandpa Musick’s Dairy Joy, in DeSoto KS. The Dairy Joy was mainly operated by family members with our Great Grandma Grace and our Aunt Imo leading charge to ensure that every customer had a wonderful time and experience.  Hand cut fries, and fresh tenderloin sandwiches were items that the locals came to enjoy, along with the great conversations they had each day over coffee with our grandpa.

Not only did we get to see the hard work and long hours our family put in making the Dairy Joy a success, we were also raised to be able to cook and clean for ourselves. As we grew older and after several hundreds of phone calls from us, our mom took a few months and composed a book with some of our favorite family recipes so we could continue the tradition of baking and making great comfort food with our families.

It wasn’t too long after Jason went off to college that he wanted to change his career and move to the exciting and fun industry of hospitality management.  At Kansas State Jason received his Bachelor of Science in Hospitality management and worked for some great restaurant concepts that moved him across the country in several different types of cuisines.  During a current stint in Dallas, TX, Jason found himself looking for more opportunity and a long-term plan.  At that point, he decided to get his Master’s in Hospitality Management with the University of North Texas.  After several years away from the Kansas City area, he decided that it was time to move back home and work for some local restaurant groups. 

Jay, on the other hand, had a very different journey into the restaurant world.  As a tradesman in printing, Jay worked for a few local print companies to support him and his family.  During this time, he teamed up with a few of his buddies and tried their hand at barbecue competitions.  Although they may have enjoyed more of the beverages, he truly appreciated all the feedback and learning that he received. During this fun and exciting process, he worked with our dad, Junior, and our big brother, Chad, to design his own set of smokers.  They spent hours of trial and error and lots of testing to get not only the right smokers for his hobby but also homed in on his smoking techniques.


Shortly after Jason’s return home, the twins (yes, they not only look like brothers, but they are twins!) got together with their mom, dad and big brother, Chad, to discuss a family venture.  Armed with years of experience and lots of expensive education, Jason could help guide the business in some great practices.  Jay was armed with his proven smoking techniques, some standard barbecue dish recipes, his own developed barbecue sauces, and rubs, they knew that they could make it a go in the barbecue world.  With the help and support of their parents, the Barbwire Barbecue food trailer was born!  Once the trailer hit the road, there was no stopping the Musick brothers.  Known for offering traditional barbecue dishes and sandwiches with some elevated twist, the trailer became an increasing popular request from festivals, communities, and local private parties.  


After several years of continuous success and popularity, the Musick brothers started again to think of the next big thing for themselves and their families. At this point, both Jason and Jay were at a crossroad with their careers. So once again, the brothers worked several hours and months in developing their ideal brick and mortar concept.  Then COVID hit and it made the brothers slow down just a bit and rethink on where they saw the brick and mortar, but more importantly, how they could avoid some major pitfalls that occurs when opening a new restaurant, in a small town, during a very challenging economic time. After a few months into COVID the brothers embarked on a journey with the purchase of a building that has so many memories for Eudora and the surrounding communities.  During the summer of 2020 the brothers, along with several family members worked tirelessly to remodel the front of the building to be more inviting and family friendly.


Both Jay and Jason believe that the success of the Barbwire brand is not just with them, but also with the amazing team that works alongside them every day.  They pride themselves in always offering great food, small town hospitality at a valued price.  They understand the importance of taking care of not only their employees, but the communities and people around them. The twins have enjoyed all the relationships they have made and love seeing all their hard work and dedication put smiles on their guests faces as they leave with full bellies and food to enjoy later. They invite you to come on in and enjoy small town hospitality and fantastic food!  

a group of people standing in a kitchen preparing food

Uncles Bill and Dean are assisting with the knock down ceiling.  Jason got hands on training with this process and the knowledge on how dirty this process can be.

a man standing in front of a machine

Momma Sharon is enjoying her new "toy".  In the earlier days of the trailer, she was the official dishwasher.  She is super happy that she has a really big dish machine to use.